Smartphone and tablet mobile applications are transforming business

The right bespoke mobile application can become a valuable asset. If you need to build a mobile solution for one or more of the major smartphone platforms, we can provide the expertise to deliver robust applications that are ready for deployment.


SharePoint provides a rich set of tools making communication within and outside your organisation easy

Making the information and knowledge readily available by centralising access your staff will spend less time searching and recreating information that already exists and make better use of experts in your organisation.


Automating Complex Business Processes

Are manual processes within your company taking too much time to deliver results?  Are outdated software systems in need of re-design?

Save time and more efficiently run your business with tailored software applications that meet your precise needs.

Our services and experience

Helping you keep up-to-date in the way you deliver information to the business has always been at the heart of our tailored software systems.  At Thomas Norton we have been designing software systems for 25 years.  Our customers range from single-site companies to multi-site, multi-national organisations.  All who share the need to have systems that operate with maximum efficiency.
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At Thomas Norton we have the experience of writing tailored applications that save time, deliver results and make information more reliable.  We aim to:

  • Work with you to finalise your business process requirements
  • Ensure we stay on-track by continuing to ?listen? to your requirements during the course of each project
  • Produce an automated application that delivers results
  • Provide a Warranty period to iron out any teething issues
  • Offer On-going Support and Maintenance to ensure your application continues to run efficiently

Types of project undertaken

Our solutions have supported business process improvement in many areas and these include producing Web sites, Mobile applications, Enterprise Mashups, Collaboration and Social solutions, plus a selection of others including back-end databases, CRM and E-commerce systems.  Please view the relevant area of our web site for more information.
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Development methodology and technologies used

Using either an ?Agile? methodology or ?Waterfall? model of software development will depend upon the nature of the project and the culture within each customer organisation ? whichever is required we have experience in both, or often a mix, of approaches.

The programming languages we use for development will, again, vary depending on the nature of application required and these may include those written by IBM, Microsoft, etc. providing the optimum solution to fit your need.

To discuss your requirements

If you?re looking for a professional and reliable software partner please call us and we?ll be happy to arrange a meeting, free and with no commitment.

Ease the sharing of data, bring together teams and improve information flow

With social networking tools users can quickly identify matter experts, inform others of their skills and interests through personal profiles, initiate and build team activities with colleagues and publish and share information to achieve business efficiencies.


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