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Smartphone and tablet mobile applications are transforming business

The right bespoke mobile application can become a valuable asset. If you need to build a mobile solution for one or more of the major smartphone platforms, we can provide the expertise to deliver robust applications that are ready for deployment.


SharePoint provides a rich set of tools making communication within and outside your organisation easy

Making the information and knowledge readily available by centralising access your staff will spend less time searching and recreating information that already exists and make better use of experts in your organisation.


Mashup Examples: Business Solutions

Below are examples where mashup deployment has delivered business benefits where organisations were looking for innovation in the use of information assets and re-use of the software assets a mashup can deliver:


A sales person needs to quickly analyse which new sales prospects to pursue to optimise their scarce time and hit their quota. A customer data mashup that provides a quick view of customer data can help prioritise prospects. Data can be pulled from both departmental and web-based sources. Can include information such as contact information, analysing current stock price data and feeds from company blogs on the web and a map that identifies other customer prospects nearby that location to optimise their time.


A manager needs a simple way to share statistics on his projects with his team and his management. He pulls together a basic mashup that includes information such as charts of total defects/bugs by severity and user, as well as which resources are allocated to the selected project. The mashup includes built-in chat capabilities so that the manager can easily contact anyone on the team to inquire about a given defect. The manager can easily share this mashup with his boss, so they can also keep an eye on the various projects.


Supply Chain
Combining of distribution schedules, load consolidation, and destination planning to shorten customer response times and service levels.


Web Community
Publishing of a list of recent academic papers in support of the scientific research community. Enumerates authors by unique ID, associated collaborators, on-line cross-references to contributing papers, their authors and sources, locations and institutions. A social-networking style mashup that can be added to blogs, wikis and other web-based pages.

Pharma Sales

Combination of multiple streams of sales data to implement effective pipeline review, sales forecasting and performance against sales quotas to improve customer response and service levels.


Stock Control
Improved delivery of multiple product catalogues at the retail outlet level to speed product selection for re-stocking.

Store Inventory
A Retailer needs to quickly see how they can adjust their store inventory to respond to a rapidly developing situation such as a large storm. They need to adapt their logistics to find available inventory and match them with the stores in the storm area. They create a mashup that combines available information on inventory such as number of units, alongside a list of past order history at that store, they can then take excess inventory from available stores and match it to in-progress supply chain logisitics to re-route it to stores in the storm area – ensuring enough inventory for all stores.


Inter-agency collaboration
A collaboration and integration solution that enables communication flow through government departments. Presentation of disparate information in an interactive, browser-based information asset dashboard that complies with rigorous security standards. Allow end users to use drag-and-drop capability to build situational awareness across various data sources.


Patient scheduling
Combining of patient records and appointment system to improve care management.

Ease the sharing of data, bring together teams and improve information flow

With social networking tools users can quickly identify matter experts, inform others of their skills and interests through personal profiles, initiate and build team activities with colleagues and publish and share information to achieve business efficiencies.


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