Smartphone and tablet mobile applications are transforming business

The right bespoke mobile application can become a valuable asset. If you need to build a mobile solution for one or more of the major smartphone platforms, we can provide the expertise to deliver robust applications that are ready for deployment.


SharePoint provides a rich set of tools making communication within and outside your organisation easy

Making the information and knowledge readily available by centralising access your staff will spend less time searching and recreating information that already exists and make better use of experts in your organisation.


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Features & Benefits

Social Housing Performance Tracking Mashup

An executive dashboard reporting regularly on key performance indicators

Fast development cycle using standard and custom-built widgets to connect to internal data from SQL, BI, spreadsheets and transaction systems
Custom widgets scheduled to retrieve and cache data on hub server to by-pass issue of information churn in transaction-based data sources
Feeds and feed mashups are stored in back-end catalogue and available for reuse
Geographical visualisation assists front-line staff to easily identify property locations and service delivery patterns

Civil Engineering Project Tracking Dashboard

An executive dashboard reporting on multiple aspects of project status

One-stop view of status of current project portfolio supported by drill-down to underlying project details
Project management dashboard built from a number of component portlets that can be re-used
Bringing together information from different data sources to add value
Data drawn directly from on-line systems – single version of the truth across all projects
Synchronised update across all projects

Contracted support of messaging solution

Cost-effective second and third level support of messaging solution for SMB

Training of internal “super user” frees support service to concentrate on adding business value
Cost effective access to deep expertise
Regular reviews keep system effective and aligned to business needs
Greater awareness of platform capabilities and developments
Responsive, trusted service brings peace of mind

Technical community web site

Browser and desktop client access
Self registration and personal profile management
Community blogging
Expert panel blog for Q&A
Community e-shots
Content management
Special on-line modelling services

Support for multiple communities
Profiles; identification of matter experts
Authenticated access to members for restricted content and blogs
Remote news authoring and approval; e-shots to members

Project community web site

Browser and desktop client access
Personal project creation; project team member selection
Document, email and bookmark posting into project tasks
Team activity creation and scheduling, notification and tracking
Electronic signatures

Individual employee able to create and manage own project and its constituent tasks; assign project membership to others; create and manage project timetable; assign tasks to project members
Managers able to view projects of subordinates
Rich content repository (e.g. images, technical reports etc.)
Activity creation and notification; tasks secured for task owner at each stage

Ease the sharing of data, bring together teams and improve information flow

With social networking tools users can quickly identify matter experts, inform others of their skills and interests through personal profiles, initiate and build team activities with colleagues and publish and share information to achieve business efficiencies.


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